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For that great flavour – shade grown Espresso Coffee – quality that counts.

What’s the most popular drink in the world – coffee of course?

The biggest percentage of all commercial coffee is grown in nice neat rows on large farms known as coffee plantations. All very well for a bleary-eyed first cup of morning brew but hey…..when you’re drinking espresso coffee, you want nothing but the best coffee…..and that is shade grown espresso coffee.


The search for better flavored Espresso Coffee.

Did you know there are over 800 active substances in that cup of coffeee you’re drinking? And each and every one of them has an impact on the flavor. Quite amazing isn’t it? That’s why Arabian coffee tastes different from Columbian coffee, which in turn tastes different to Kona coffee. Wherever espresso coffee comes from it always has a full, dark flavor. Espresso forms the basis for gourmet coffee drinks such as the cappuccino and latte so it has to have that strong depth of flavor to meld in with the added ingredients.

The cherries on shade-grown coffee plants mature more slowly than on plants grown out in the open sun. What this means is the crop is smaller in volume and comes on later, but the flavor is richer and mellower – so this makes it the perfect bean for making espresso coffee. It is a fact that sun-ripened cherries can be bitter and sharp when compared with shade-grown cherries. Apart from the fact that it tastes better, here are a couple of other excellent reasons to drink shade grown espresso coffee.

Did you know it is better for the Environment?

You see, most of the land cleared for coffee plantations was tropical forest and as most people are aware these forests are being rapidly depleted (not only by the commercial coffee growers). Natural forests are the earth’s atmospheric engine. They produce the oxygen we need for life plus absorb a lot of the carbon dioxide that is produced. One of the reasons for global warming is the depletion of our tropical forests but as part of the tropical forest, coffee trees provide shelter and habitats for birds and small animals in the forest.

Think about organically grown Espresso Coffee Beans

Another good reason to drink shade grown espresso coffee is that it’s organically grown. It is just one little way you can do your bit for the future of our world while enjoying a cup of your favourite beverage.

So, before you decide that it doesn’t really matter you probably need to understand that non-organic farming in countries like the U.S. is much different from non-organic farming in many of the countries that grow koffee.

In the developed countries farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are more user friendly. In the tropical areas of the lesser developed countries they still use DDT which has been banned for years in the U.S., Australia and most other large farming nations of the world because it can cause cancer, birth defects and other problems and accumulates in your system for years.

The emergence of Fair Trade Espresso Coffee

Shade-grown or organic espresso coffee is usually obtainable only through Fair Trade sources. The large company farming conglomerates cannot produce enough coffee to be profitable when it is grown in the shade. The people who produce the high quality shade-grown coffee are just small growers, with only a small plot of ground, who are trying to support their family. They sell their coffee to Fair Trade companies for a fair price – hence the name.

So if you are looking to take your espresso making to new heights then choose some organic ground espresso coffee beans – you will experience the best cup of coffee your money can buy. Additionally you will be helping the environment and some Columbian farmer feed his family.

What a great reason to enjoy a good cup of espresso!

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