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How to find the perfect Espresso Coffee Machine.

You have thought about it for so long and finally you have decided to take the plunge. Just think - you could save several hundred dollars a month by making your own lattes and cappuccinos at home.


A great reason to buy your very own espresso coffee machine!

But it is not just a matter of popping down to your local kitchen accessories shop and picking one up – there’s a heap of information you need to know before you buy the perfect espresso coffee machine.

Here is a quick re-cap on making a cup of Espresso.

This is really important. If you aren’t going to do it right then you may as well use your old and battered coffee pot. Espresso is made by forcing clean fresh hot water through finely ground coffee beans under pressure. What you are trying to do here is extract the entire flavor and leave behind all the oils that can make coffee bitter. So what this means is - a good quality espresso machine is a must to get that shot of flavor you have come to love and enjoy so much.

Do you know about the extras that can go with an Espresso Machine?

Usually, your espresso coffee machine will come with some extras - one of the most popular is a frothing wand. This allows you to force steam through milk to heat and froth it for a cappuccino. There are also models with built-in grinders. It is a good way to be assured that you always get freshly ground beans and its ground specifically for espresso. Note that coffee for espresso is ground much finer than for your regular morning cup of brew.

But then you might like to have a look at an all-in-one espresso coffee machine. It lets you choose whether you want to make straight coffee or espresso. Many of these models are programmable so you can set them to brew coffee at 6 am (for that morning boost) and make you a cup of espresso at 8 pm (when you are looking forward to relaxing).

Like to know some alternatives to an Espresso Coffee Machine?

Besides the percolator, which seems to have been around forever, there are some coffee pots that make a decent substitute for espresso. Moka pots are stovetop espresso makers (you can also get ones like an electric jug) and they have two chambers. You put the water in the lower chamber and coffee grounds in the filter between the chambers. As the water heats, it creates pressure that forces it up through the coffee grounds and into the upper chamber from where you pour your espresso. Moka pots work pretty well, but they don’t make as smooth a cup of espresso as a dedicated espresso machine. Moka pots can be made of either aluminium or stainless steel - if you are interested in one of these I would recommend you buy the stainless steel model.

There are also some people who use a French press to make espresso. You do have to heat the water separately if you decide to use a press. How you do it is put ground coffee in the pot and pour fresh, just off the boil, water over it. After letting it brew for a few minutes, you use a press to separate the grounds from the coffee. For the price, a French press does make a great cup of coffee - it is quick, convenient and easy to use and clean up……but it’s not espresso. With the press method the water is in contact with the coffee too long for it to be a proper espresso.

You would probably have to be a real diehard to tackle one of these – it’s the cezve….or Turkish coffee pot. True Turkish coffee makes espresso look like colored water - the grounds aren’t separated from the coffee and they say you pour the coffee off of the grounds after they’ve settled. Actually Turkish coffee is so strong and dense that it’s hard to tell the coffee from the grounds. Not really my cup of tea!

So you can see it is best to have a little background knowledge about espresso coffee machines before you charge off to the shops waving your plastic card in the air. But be warned…..once you have an espresso coffee maker installed on your kitchen bench at home… could very well become addicted!


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