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Coffee Roasters – don’t get burnt roasting beans at home.

Roasting beans has long been the domain of the big international coffee houses and specialty coffee shop owners. But things have changed. Even though the highly technical nature of using coffee roasters, coupled with their price, it has kept roasters out of home user’s market. That is, up until recent times.

Today there is a big demand for home roasting. The new coffee roasters coming into the market now use computer controls to take out a lot of the difficulty in operation. Targeting the home user, roasters now come in a much smaller size than the big commercial models.

Roasting beans at home may still not suit everyone just yet as there are many things that go into a good cup of coffee that lots of people just don’t want to know about. Yet, for the dedicated hobbyist, the coffee roasters on the market today can really add a whole new dimension to their morning cup of brew.

How to control the quality of the coffee you drink….with a Coffee Roaster.

Fortunately we are all different and have different tastes - the coffee drinking world is no different – it’s all about very personal choices. The exact reason there are so many blends and styles. From the type of bean chosen to the method of making the coffee, it all boils down for most coffee connoisseurs to control. Being able to personally control the roast of their beans, just as they have been controlling grinds and brewing methods, is a wonderful opportunity to develop their own unique blend and flavour of brew.

Roasting fresh green beans is one of the most influential processes that the bean can undergo before its meeting with the hot water so it does become critical to choose the right roast to get the desired flavor.

The old….

Coffee beans come in a green state. From here the coffee roasting machines take them from green all the way up to a French roast, with many stops along the way. This can leave a mild bean devoid of flavour or burn the taste completely out of a robust bean. This is where the technical skills have been important.

….and the new….

Now the new computer controlled coffee roasters give the user as much control as they want over everything from the amount and pattern of heat, to the length of time the beans spend in the roaster. This provides the home user with great control over how their coffee beans will end up. Coffee grinders are the other appliance that will greatly affect or enhance the quality of your brew.

But not everybody wants this much control over their daily cup of brew. Some may be quite happy with the grinds and roasts they have been buying from their local coffee shop, so for them the new coffee roasters aren’t such a big deal.

This group of people are probably in the majority - more interested in the convenience of a quick mug or cup of good quality coffee rather than the complicated and time consuming process that goes into a gourmet brew that’s really full of flavor. Coffee roasting is just not their cup of tea.

But if you happen to be a real coffee aficionado and are serious about what really matters to you and your palate, then make sure you look into the new range of modern coffee roasters.

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