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Find out why the best Coffee Maker is only as good as the Beans you use.

Coffee making inspires people in different ways. Some are the first to embrace the latest kitchen accessories (great for impressing your friends), others are on a continual search for a machine to make that perfect home brew and some just love the new technology in coffee makers that does everything except drink your favourite cup of java.


Apart from the fact that your latest coffee machine may have cost more than your neighbours car there is one important fact not to be overlooked - the best coffee maker is only as good as its weakest link – the beans.

Only buy fresh top quality beans if you want to really enjoy the full benefits of a beautifully relaxing cup of coffee.

Maybe you know what you like: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for breakfast and, for special occasions, Jamaican Blue Mountain to thoroughly impress your dinner party guests.

A modern marketing method with regards to coffee makers has been tweaked to the point we believe the coffee maker is the make-or-break link in the coffee chain. The best coffee maker makes the best coffee – doesn’t it? Ok, I’ll agree that it certainly helps but the serious modern day coffee-making connoisseur will tell you the weakest link is actually the low-tech coffee bean.

No amount of digitally controlled water temperature or gold plated filter basket is going to be able to compensate for beans that have no business passing themselves off as coffee. Many thousands of dollars and all the research in the world will do nothing to improve the drink from the best coffee maker money can buy if the beans fail to deliver on their promise of the best mug of coffee you have ever tasted.

Technology at its best is merely a promise of consistency – and also time saving convenience. Used under the same conditions and with the same ingredients, the best coffee making machine will produce a good quality drink every time by the application and manipulation of carefully controlled inputs (I think you all know what s.i.s.o means – couldn’t resist that one).

Purists will more than often argue that the water quality is the most important ingredient in a good cup of coffee. Well let me assure you it is also vitally important to the end result - but the most important component is still our humble bean. Locked tightly within this roasted seed are flavor complexities that, at their peak, give the finest wines a run for their money.

But get hold of some crook coffee beans and you may begin to wonder why you ever began drinking brewed coffee in the first place. Dried-out beans bring bitterness to coffee that might be better suited to the late night offerings at highway gas stations. The best coffee maker in the world will not improve the taste of bad beans. Coffee making is just like life really - success is always defined by the weakest link.

So the next time you go browsing the net and read all those reviews about the high-tech features of a new coffee machine which some company is touting as “the best coffee maker in the world,” also take a few moments to consider the wonderful little roasted beans you are going to use in your gleaming new appliance.

The best coffee maker will make you a great cup of coffee only if you use the best quality beans.


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