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Morning brewing – why it’s much easier with an Automatic Coffee Maker.

Do you love your cup of coffee first thing in the day – well let’s face it, we all live in a busy world and time is precious. Making a gourmet brew when minutes are short is a time-consuming business. But it’s just the job for an automatic coffee maker.

You may be surprised but the automatic coffee maker is not really a new invention as it has been in ongoing development since the 19th century. There have been a few different types of these coffee makers throughout history. The drip coffeemaker combines aspects of both the drip-brew process and the percolating process with the added feature of heating up the water using an electric element in a separate chamber.

The percolator is just another style of an automatic coffee maker and its development also began in the mid 19th century. This type of machine builds up pressure to channel water into contact with the coffee grounds for enough time to infuse and flavor the water. Next, those same forces are used to remove the brewed coffee from the grounds, which, as much as possible, are kept separate from the finished product – your cup of brew.

The vacuum brewer is just another style of coffee maker - it heats water in a lower container until expansion forces the water through a narrow tube into an upper vessel holding the ground coffee beans. When the lower section is empty and an adequate amount of brewing time has elapsed, the heat is removed. The resulting vacuum draws the brewed coffee back through a strainer into the lower chamber - from here you can now pour a mug of coffee.

Today’s Automatic Coffee Maker….much simpler but more high-tech.

It is a world of change….the old model machines are making way for the new….just like the drip coffee machine has entered the home kitchen. Some of the features of the current automatic drip coffee makers include the ability to heat and maintain a water temperature in the 190 to 200 Fahrenheit degree range, spray heads that allow for the even dispersion of water over coffee grounds, and filter holders that are designed for high extraction. All of these improvements add to the convenience of coffee drinkers.

Actually the list goes on and on….how could we not mention the famous espresso machine. We can also add to the world of automated coffee brewing the filter coffee makers, instant coffee makers, coffee pod machines and k cup makers. I wonder where it will ever end.

If a good cup of espresso coffee served at just the right temperature for drinking is what you need to kick start your day then you should buy one of the most popular accessories going around at the moment – an automatic coffee maker.



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