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A Coffee Grinder - the perfect accessory for your morning cup of Java.

Any serious coffee connoisseur will always say the best coffee comes from beans ground immediately before the coffee is brewed.

No kitchen is complete without a home coffee grinder - it will turn your favorite beans into the most heavenly cup of Joe.

So What Makes the Best Coffee Grinder?

There are two basic forms of coffee grinders: burr grinders and blade grinders.

The real difference between the two is simply how the beans are processed. Burr grinders use burrs, which resemble plates with gears on them. One of the steel burrs spins and grinds the beans against the other burr, which is stationary. The electric blade coffee grinders use a stainless steel spinning blade to grind the beans at high speed.

When it comes to great coffee, there are several factors which affect the quality of the grounds. Heat and uniformity are the two things to look for here. As the process of grinding the coffee bean is relatively violent, both burr and blade grinders generate some heat which is undesirable in a coffee grinder because it damages the coffee. The faster the grinding mechanism, the more heat that gets imparted to the coffee. Finer grinds also gather heat because of the extra time they spend being ground.

The way to fix this problem is to dig deep into your pockets and buy one of those expensive but wonderful low-speed burr grinders – they are definitely worth the price if a top quality cup of espresso is what you are after. The low speed might mean it takes slightly longer to turn your beans into grinds, but anyone who has used one of these beauties will attest to the quality of coffee grounds they produce. Believe me; you can really taste the difference.

The uniformity of the grind is another important factor in quality. During the brewing process, the water spends a set amount of time passing over the grinds. Uniform grinds are much more efficient at imparting flavor to the water. It might be difficult to tell from a casual glance, but blade grinders do a poor job of creating a uniform grind. But look closely and you will see that the grounds vary from coarse to quite fine. On the other hand, burr grinders produce exceptionally uniform grinds, resulting in a much better cup of coffee. Why not take the taste test and you will see what I mean.

So, when selecting a coffee grinder, the burr grinder is the best way to go. The price of some of the higher-end models can cost several hundred dollars so they may be out of the reach of some people starting out in the world of coffee drinking. But this doesn’t mean a small budget will buy you a poor coffee grinder.

There are burr grinders you can buy for under $100. You might even like to consider putting a hand operated single cup model on your shopping list just to get you started. Just think of it as an investment in improving a daily ritual – who can put a dollar value on a top cup of coffee each and every morning made in your best coffee maker?


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