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Personalized Coffee Mugs - the perfect free gift.

Small business owners….here is one of the best ways to keep your company image in the top of the mind of your customers and clients. Most people have a cup of coffee each and every day so just imagine how you can imprint an image of your business in their mind by giving them a coffee mug with your logo emblazoned on the front.


Coffee mugs….a top marketing tool….affordable in price and long term in benefit.

Now if you happen to be looking for an inexpensive way to say “thank you” to your loyal staff members for all their hard work, you could have difficulty in finding a small gift that fits the bill. You want something that says you cared enough and shows you put some thought into it. A personalized coffee mug makes the perfect gift – you could also include a packet of good quality gourmet coffee. What a great way to say Merry Christmas to your staff.

A reward for a job well done.

Cash bonuses are not always the most practical idea in today’s cutthroat world. Employees will often say that money is the best way to say “thank you.” But this is not always the case. Cash goes out as fast as it came in and the long term benefit of a relatively small token of your appreciation can have a much more lasting impact.

The simplicity of a simple personalized china coffee mug can go a long way towards showing employees that you value their work – and it won’t break the bank either. So regardless of the size of your office it is possible to give a gift to each of your employees that amounts to only a few dollars in cost per person and what’s more, office coffee will take on a new meaning.

There are a number of reliable companies who specialize in personalized coffee mugs. It’s really easy to organize - you provide your company logo, the color you prefer, background text (don’t forget to put your details like your url and email address on there especially when giving coffee mugs to clients) then choose one of the many designs that are available.

When buying custom made coffee mugs most companies have a minimum order quantity. Don’t let this deter you if you only have a few staff. The astute business owner is well aware of the value of getting his or her company logo in front of the eyeballs of as many people as possible. Remember, it is top of mind awareness when it comes to marketing your business.

The real value of showing your gratitude and appreciation to your loyal employees and customers is very well documented. I’m sure that not too many people would argue that an investment of only a few dollars for each coffee mug will not be returned in terms of better productivity and more sales.

So next time you are doing your marketing budget why not think of a special gift for your workers and customers. Consider the long term benefits coffee mugs and coffee cups can give to your business – it’s something that can be enjoyed and remembered every day of the year.

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