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Hello….I’m John,

And I’m a self confessed coffee lover from Australia.

Fortunately I have had the pleasure of tasting coffee in many different parts of the world. Until you travel through Europe you just don’t realize what an integral part of life coffee drinking is – it’s the social backbone of their society.

Movies, TV travel shows and magazines all go towards forming an image in your mind of what you might expect to see in a new country. In Paris it was just as I had imagined – only better. Sitting on the street pavement, chairs all facing the endless parade of interesting looking people (and their dogs) while quietly sipping on a milky café au lait – nothing had prepared me for this experience. You sometimes wonder when you get back home whether the coffee you had was such a taste sensation or was it just the sheer fascination of the scene that has that cup of brew lingering forever in your mind.

Another great experience was Café Du Monde in New Orleans – the original French Market coffee stand. Fortunately this was pre the devastating hurricane but I believe it has since been re-built. The kids just loved the beignets (French doughnuts) while my wife and I relished the atmosphere while sipping on warm café au lait. One interesting blend of grounds they make is coffee and chicory (just in case you don’t know chicory is the roasted root of the endive plant). It’s a good change from your normal brew once in a while.

Travelling in Asia can lead to many disappointing coffee experiences as they tend more towards green and jasmine tea. But thanks to the growth of franchised businesses you will always find a Starbucks somewhere. There’s one in Kowloon opposite the Star Ferry terminal – see if you can get the window seat, grab a coffee and fresh muffin and watch the passing parade – it will keep you entertained for hours.

One thing that surprised me on a recent visit to Osaka in Japan (our daughter works there) was to find a Café Du Monde coffee shop – I couldn’t believe my eyes – you can find it in a shopping centre down near the harbour fairly close to the big ferris wheel. Apparently it is a franchised version of the real thing in the US – and they make a good brew too.

Coffee to me, just like all tastes, is a personal thing. I suppose most of us started out on something like Nescafe instant and then progressed to greater things.

These days I prefer to spend a little extra time in preparing a quality brew rather than loading up with copious quantities of a cheap quick fix. I always seem to be able to find a new bean or variety that I haven’t tried so it has become a hobby of ongoing caffeine addiction – something to share with my good friends and now you, as a visitor to my site.

Thanks for coming - Enjoy!

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