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Organic Coffee – expensive, so would you buy it?

I’m sure most people know how certified organic coffee is grown: that’s right, with no harmful pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Organic coffee drinkers are prepared to pay a premium for the knowledge that comes in the understanding that their coffee was grown in a way that caused minimal harm to our environment. But the big question some may ask - is that top quality cup of java really worth the high price?

Organically grown or shade coffee is produced by farmers in parts of the world where they, their family and their communities are more than often faced with dreadful poverty. So it is good to see a new trend has emerged in recent years.

The big company conglomerates have led the way in the development of supply chains for these poorer farmers and communities that produce many of the world’s foods. This is how the term fair trade coffee originated. The companies develop sources of supply for organic coffee, ensure a fair price is paid and then they have begun to re-invest the profits back into the lives of the people who grow the coffees. Community infrastructure like schools and medical facilities are being funded by the companies that do business with the farmers.

Fair Trade co-operatives for shade grown organic coffee was the starting point in building equity in the supply chain for poverty stricken farmers in third world countries. Fair Trade practices have brought a measure of balance to the farmer’s end of the supply chain and since the beans they produce are of such good quality coffee drinkers world wide have demanded more.

It’s a fact that these farmers can’t operate in isolation from the communities surrounding their farm lands, and it’s also reasonable to say that their communities should also benefit from the assistance shown to these farmers in fighting for and winning better prices for their certified organic coffee. We all know about the harmful effects of poverty and in my view any attempts to fight such social ills should be applauded.

Often it is difficult to convince consumers that their purchases actually do have global implications. The dollars you spend at the supermarket or at your local coffee shop on organic food do actually make their way to the other end of the supply chain. Just by purchasing the odd pack of organic coffee is an indirect vote against poverty and is of great benefit to the farmer and his family in the mostly third world communities that grow the green beans we so dearly love to put in our daily cup of brew.

So the next time you go shopping for your favorite flavored coffee spare a thought for one of those poor farmers and buy some fair trade organic coffee. It is only a few dollars more and your purchase will have a far-reaching effect by helping improve the life of someone less fortunate than yourself.

Certified organic coffee roast is your own personal vote for humanity – enjoy!

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