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Gourmet Coffee – When only the best will do!

Do you remember, and it was not so long ago, when you ordered a cup of coffee you had but two choices - regular or decaf – black or white! Coffee drinking was pretty simple back then.

But today the coffee world has changed dramatically. Find yourself in a queue at the local coffee shop and you’re sure to find an entire menu totally dedicated to numerous speciality flavors and blends, both hot and cold, of this delicious drink.

Gourmet coffee allows drinkers to sample the finest tastes from all over the world.

Although gourmet coffee is generally more expensive than the regular style most will agree it is well worth it just to explore the different specialty blends of coffee that go way beyond the basics of regular and decaffeinated.

As times have changed so have people’s tastes in coffee. That’s why so many people now have coffee makers in their homes. Instead of having just a simple coffee press people now buy machines that will whip up their favourite gourmet flavors of coffee in mere minutes.

Now you no longer have to go out to find your favourite brew. But then, not everyone has a gourmet coffee maker at home. Just another reason why so many have joined the coffee club society – in virtually all cities now there’s likely to be a coffee house right around the nearest corner.

The gourmet coffee menu you find at your local coffee shop will give you a good idea of the number of ways coffee can be prepared. I happened to be in a Gloria Jean’s coffee shop recently and found they had seventeen different flavoured premium Costa Rican beans for sale. What a massive choice to work your way through. Just a few of these gourmet blends that caught my eye were butter toffee, creamy chocolate caramel, French vanilla supreme, Swiss chocolate almond, hazelnut and of course everyone’s favourite – Irish crème.

From that you can see there’s a flavour to suit every taste.

But there is more - gourmet coffee comes from many different coffee houses and they all have their own unique blends. That’s why coffee tasting is so much fun – there is an endless variety of flavours to choose from – here’s a few more to keep an eye out for: amaretto, cookies and cream, chocolate macadamia and mudslide.

Some of these brews come with lashings of whipped cream with shaved chocolate and a cherry on top. Some, especially the kind found in expensive restaurants, are served in extravagant cups or mugs with all the trimmings. Great taste, great to look at but oh….my poor waist line.

For the dedicated coffee drinker you can now find a good number of different gourmet coffee blends on the internet. Sites are being set up as online coffee shops to sell the best quality premium coffee blends from all around the world. Africa, South America, Italy, France and even New Orleans are just some of the places where these gourmet coffees originate.

With so many different types of flavored coffee on the market, you are certain to find a gourmet brew that will appeal to your taste buds. It is just a matter of being a little bit adventurous with your order.

And just before I go here is a great idea. Next time you are looking for a special gift for that ‘difficult to buy for friend’, why not make up a gift basket of that top quality organic coffee. They will love you for it.

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