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Flavored Coffee Beans – there’s one to compliment almost any occasion.

Coffee is really at its best when paired with sweets (and the odd glass of port). This perfect pairing lets the relative bitterness of the coffee counter the sweetness of the dessert leaving the palate with a well-balanced finish.

Flavored coffee has recently become a very trendy drink and often displaces the traditional cup of Java. Regular coffee drinkers are now finding that the possibilities are endless.

While flavored coffee is nothing new, it took many years before it gained the mainstream acceptance of today marked by its arrival on supermarket shelves and trendy corner coffee shops in all sorts of (sometimes odd) disguises.

But now the coffee drinker is faced with an overwhelming variety of flavors − raspberry, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, almond, macadamia and coconut all account for some of the more popular flavours. As the majority of the flavorings are sweet, it only takes a little imagination to see that flavored coffee blends can be used as more than a just pick-me-up….they can be great matched up to your favourite dessert.

One of the most famous coffee-dessert pairings is that of a delicious pumpkin pie. By adding a cup of cinnamon flavored coffee completely changes the whole experience of eating the dessert (I’ve even had it for breakfast). The coffee enhances the pumpkin pie with the complimentary spice flavour of the cinnamon. I guarantee this will become a firm family favorite.

The exotic flavour of coconut with coffee is another way to create an entirely different dessert. This is only a couple of the countless possible ideas you can try, but it does show you that flavored coffee is more than just a simple beverage.

And here’s a bonus….the right coffee blend can actually replace some of those traditional toppings that add unwanted calories (and who’s not counting?). You will find vanilla flavored coffee is a perfect replacement for those frozen whipped toppings.

Now a day there are plenty of good quality flavored coffee blends available in flavors and styles that suit almost every occasion. There is even a huge market in cold flavored coffee drinks usually available from vending machines and your local corner shop.

So why not try a change from your favorite gourmet Columbian coffee blend to one of the versatile new flavored coffees that are now all the rage.


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