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First came Juan Valdez and Columbian Coffee..…

…..and then came Starbucks!

You hear people say it time and time and again….I can’t possibly get through the day without a good shot of coffee.

If you are a true coffee connoisseur then you will know about Columbian coffee.

Colombian coffee beans are known the world over for their exquisite style, taste and flavor – one that tops most other coffees. The Columbian coffee business is huge serving the nation with nearly twelve percent of all coffee imports – this is second only to Brazil who are the largest producing nation.

Juan Valdez is the highly fictional character who earned Columbian coffee their notoriety when he began appearing on commercials and other advertising hoardings. Because of the popularity of the character, nearly eighty five percent of Americans associate with him when they hear the name Colombian coffee.

Here is a brief history of Columbian Coffee.

Columbia began exporting coffee beans in 1835 to a number of different countries around the world. With their love of a good cup of java the United States soon became one of their biggest clients which created a roaring trade for years to come. When transactions first began in the early 1800s, Colombia was exporting a little over two thousand bags of coffee beans to the United States. Since then, sales have increased to about eleven million bags per year. Now that’s a lot of cups of coffee to drink in a year!

How do they make Columbian Coffee?

The beautiful textured flavor of Colombian coffee is not easy task to accomplish. It takes great skill, perseverance and patience to grow and tend the trees and pick the fresh green beans that creates the perfect coffee flavor – it is a beverage that just seems to melt in your mouth. Columbian coffee comes from the Coffea Arabica tree – the only variety cultivated here.

The plant takes about four to five years of careful cultivation and care before it begins producing coffee berries ready for hand picking. The green beans that are plucked from a fully developed Arabica tree are more commonly referred to as cherries. You know when they are ready to pick by their color. Fully grown Coffea Arabica trees produce enough beans for approximately one pound of Colombian coffee per year – does tend to make you wonder how many coffee trees they have in Columbia.

After that brief history lesson on Columbian coffee you now have an inkling of what goes into that freshly brewed cup of coffee that’s warming your hands. That exotic flavor with its balanced acidity and engaging aroma comes from years of careful planning, care and hard work.

Riding on the coat tails of Brazil, Columbian coffee is ranked the second best coffee in the world – not something I would dispute. Who knows, given time Columbian coffee may eventually earn its place as the world’s top brew.

Coffee and tea – the two drinks that most people prefer – but for you real java drinkers out there why not try a beautifully balanced coffee with rich overtones of chocolate – one of the best in the world – Columbian coffee.

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