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Coffee, Tea or Me?

What can say “me time” any better than a good fresh cup of tea or coffee?

Just imagine – a close friend, a quiet corner in your favorite coffee house – you a mug of steaming espresso and she a cup of refreshing green tea – it’s like an oasis of sanity in the middle of your hectic day.

But then if it happened to be a boiling hot summer’s day you might like to take your beverage of coffee or tea iced – and to make your gourmet brews a little more enticing you might add some of the great fruit or nut flavors that abound today – something to make the occasion just a little more special.

Is it calm you want or a drink with a kick?

Coffees and teas are both caffeine optional. Some people find that caffeine upsets their sleep patterns or it raises their blood pressure. Did you know you can opt for the far less exciting version of these brews?

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine naturally so they must undergo a process to remove it. I am sure you have all come across decaffeinated tea and coffee. The decaffeination process, whether for beans or leaves, takes some of the flavor with it so it is best to buy a premium grade of coffee or tea when you want the “no kick” or light variety.

I call tea and coffee the caffeine twins and when you think about it, it’s quite ironic they are associated with comfort and relaxation while depressants like beer (another favourite) are considered party beverages (and causes usually normal people to turn into party animals).

If you do have trouble sleeping then it is best not to have a full strength brew right on bedtime. Maybe a herbal tea might be the answer for you. Otherwise, just remember to keep a caffeine-free version of your favorite brew in the kitchen pantry. And here’s another handy tip - if you don’t want to buy a premium brand of decaffeinated coffee or tea then you can always add a bit more buck by adding one of those flavored stirrers that seem to be all the rage in supermarkets everywhere these days.

Morning, noon and night – plus a cup or two in between times.

We all have our different daily rituals when it comes to coffee and tea. Generally I prefer the jolt of a good espresso first thing in the morning. The aroma is as stimulating as the coffee itself. I enjoy a cup of tea with my lunch, something like English breakfast or oolong is good and lately I have taken to drinking chai – the spice type taste is quite refreshing and it seems to be just as good either black or with a dash of milk. In the evening it is great to finish the day with a top quality gourmet blend (and possibly a glass of port or a small brandy).

Coffee history, the Boston Tea Party – just a couple of things that have created a huge business out of our drinking pleasure – so take time to enjoy the company of good friends while imbibing in a cup of your best brew – whether it be tea or coffee.


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